Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Scott McClellan actually said that the US doesn't get involved in internal elections of other states. Yes, I know he was talking about upcoming elections in Britain and whether or not the US wants Blair to win, but still, that has to rank up there with some of the dumber statements I've heard this week.

Number 1 for dumbness is South Carolina Rep. John Graham Altman. I first saw this video on Countdown and was just utterly amazed at the stupidity of the drivel he was spewing and then I realized a few things. One, he's a Republican and nothing should shock me that they say. Second, he ain't going to lose re-election so what does he care. Finally, jeez, does this guy want to pull back the 19th Amendment?

Good pitching matchup tonight as my beloved Braves take on the Mets. I like the unbalanced schedule, but I wish more of these games were in later months like July and August when I, like most baseball fans, aren't watching much outside of the All-Star game and BBTN to see what trades have gone down. Familiarty doesn't breed contempt, it breeds apathy.

It gets a little excruiting to think that we have played the Mets, Philly, Marlins, and Nats and no one else but Houston yet this season and its almost MAY. Give me the Cards, Giants, Reds, and Dodgers. I hate all those teams because three or them were division rivals growing up and the other was the team everyone I know rooted for. I have been a Braves fan for twenty years and hope to pass on this love to my son, hopefully they won't be as almighty awful as the teams I grew up rooting for.

That's it until tomorrow or maybe later today, depends on if I get bored at work or get angry and decide to post something tonight.


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