Wednesday, April 27, 2005

One More Time

Tried to do this earlier,but kept getting error messages, so I'm I guess I'll just do it now. Couple of quick topics.

Braves won. YEAH!!!! We beat he traitor Glavine. Don't get me wrong, I love him, but he might have cost himself the Hall of Fame by going to Mets. He left because he is the head player rep and had to go for the longer contract and bigger dollars. He went from a great pitching coach and an outstanding defense to, well, a horrible defense and mediocre coaching.

The BCS is going to let more teams in. Well, let me give a big woop. These extra bids aren't going to a CUSA team, but rather to further line the pockets of the Big 6 confrences.

The Center for Digital Democacy
has some good stuff on how the GOP controlled CPB is trying to change NPR and PBS despite most Americans being perfectly happy with them. Republicans like to say that PBS isn't needed because of A&E and the History Channel and other such. Maybe this is so on the National level,but what about locally?

Last year, I watched a fascinating story on how the city planning of East Memphis and a large part of the U of M area were done. I also try to catch the legislative report on Sundays whenever possible. This is an invaluable tool to gauge the pulse on state wide politics. You just aren't going to get coverage of stuff like Chucalisa and Pinson Mounds anywhere but on PBS because the local media aren't going to cover them unless someone dies or it's a really slooooow day.

That's all, I'm going to try to keep these posts short and simple and also I'm missing Countdown. More tomorrow on the Hammer and why Jr. should run for Senator.


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