Friday, April 29, 2005


Okay, no post yesterday, got called into work and combined that with updating the computer to Professional with service pack 2 took forever. Nothing on Junior. I'll do that next week.

Caught the entire press conference yesterday because it preempted countdown. Got to say Bushland is the land of make believe if he thinks that even this tweaking of Social Security has any chance of passage. It has even less chance than the load of crap he had before. He also is tying himself to personal accounts, saying that unless they are included, he ain't signing. He calls them ownership of your retirement. Yeah, passing on your benefits if you die before retirement is good, but you can't pass on your retirement benefits if you die after retirement.

Why? You have to buy an annuity that assures you a level of income equal across the board. This means you can't pass it on because annuities end when you or your immediate spouse does. The exception is if you are rich enough to not have to buy this annuity and that you can pass on, but the number of the people who can do this is one percent. Familiar number isn't it?

The insurgency is at the same level terrorism is on the rise world-wide, and Iraq took an embaressing three months to form a governement. But we are winning against these people by spreading freedom and democracy. he repeated those word at least 15 times in 4 minutes. We are winning, but the Bush isn't willing to make the neccessary sacrifices. Roll back the tax cuts, force Iraq to pay us back for the reconstruction, call on people to join the military, or call on people to conserve so that we have the money and manpower to fight this war on terrorists.

Bush says that he doesn't use focus groups and polls. Hmmm, that is a poll driven answer. He also used triangulation, a focus group and poll driven strategy, to distance himself from Dobson. He did say the truth by saying that we oppose his nominees because they are wingnuts, not religious wingnuts.

Further post later.


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Richmond said...

Nice posting: for Bush to say that he doesn't do polls is about the same as a Baptist church not having an invitation after the sermon on Sunday.


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