Saturday, July 23, 2005

back again

Jeez, has it been almost three months since I last posted. Why, yes it has. Simple explanation, computer crash+new job+60 hours a week working+moving=no time for blogging Dr. Jones.

I guess the reason I am back is to comment on the recent craptoberfest that has been the SCDP executive counsel elections. What I gots to say is go to be long and chock full of that wnderful drug called vitriol.

Let's see, for all those on each side going batshit crazy over it, get a life. This is not the end of the world that your candidate/faction lost. Suck it up, be a man (or woman), join hands and sing Kumbaya, my lord, the Republicans are going to die, my lord, Kumbaya.

The Republicrats win because they stay on message. We all know this. I've heard it from every side of my beloved party. Unfortunately, this is usually followed by a that person (Jodie Patterson) is not a Democrat because she voted twice in Republican primaries. News Flash, a lot of us do so not because we want them to win (Dell Gill), but because you can get crazy wingnuts nominated that have as much chance of getting elected as my dog. My reason though it that it gets me on the Republican mailing list and get all their crazy John Birch society crap.

My bud the Cracker has people complain about all sides in the debate. Upton is a tool (yep)...of the Fords. I like David and the man is the best at fundraising locally I've ever seen, but his dismissal of rural West Tenn., i.e. everything but Shelby, is going to kill Junior. The Herenton people are Republican lite. Maybe, who cares We should get rid of him because after so long in office you have inertia set in and without a doubt, he is the most polarizing figure locally. The Coalition are al newbies and are rude. And, this is important how?

People say that they will ignore exec. comm., or they will try to get along with these people that we just don't know, or they will wait two years and lead a charge of the light, old hands and take back the party. Sorry, you just got a flag for incompetant boobery. I admit that I haven't been as involved as I need to be. My excuse is simple, it is the old hands fault in placing a virtual freezeout on new, young blood joining. I go to exec. comm. meetings in 2003-2004 and by a good twenty years, I'm the youngest in the room.

There are exceptions, Cracker, Quintrell, and Patterson. All three are nuts and are far more liberal than I. They are focusing on recruiting us people in their early to mid twenties. Yes, people with money are important, but if you can't get get new people and don't effectively freeze them out by not keeping College Dems going, how are you going to get progressive people in ten to twenty years that have money now. The lack of a real College Dems outside of the Presidential elections will hurt in us beginning in 2012.

One final note, to the guy who said we don't need a bilingual website because Hispanics are less than 1% of the electorate, I want you to walk up and tell Lupe that to his face. Better yet, why don't you just write off the Number one minority in the country? Hey, hey, why don't you piss off a group of people who 60% of voted for us including the Cubans who hate our guts.

More later, on Dell Gill, Leon Gray, the Braves and whatever else pops in my head.


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