Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The wait is over

The move is now complete, I just have to unpack some boxes and put together a desk. That'll be ineresting to watch, earmuffs any one?

Tyson Pratcher pulled out today and to be honest with you, I forgot he was running. The race seems like it is going to come down to Nikki Tinker and Stevie Ray Cohen. We have seen some interesting moves in this race like a candidate using myspace as his campaign website and another candidate coming out against Unions in the IBEW hall. It's too bad I don't get to hear any calls of white devil for this election, sniff, I'm brushing back a tear.

Hitler, I mean Bush is coming to town and I sticks his foot in it by choosing the Rendevous of all places to eat. I will shout this for you all to hear, THE RENDEVOUS IS NOT MEMPHIS BBQ!!!!!!!! Plus John Vargos sells out by letting him eat there, yeah, he's really a good democrat.

I am going to start a trend for all of you, why should you not vote for herenton for mayor, more to come, 1. Crime rate has skyrocketed under him. I'll have another one tomorrow, yes, I will post tomorrow.

Also, Hillary is reaching out to the netroots so that she can get her campaign going. Newflash Hillary, the netroots hate you. We are not some local pol in Debuque, Iowa you can glad handle and convince to be on your side. You have been transparent in setting yourself up for a run in 2008 since Bill left. Your one saving grace is that you are not a DINO, like Ford.

Out, more later


At 11:12 PM, Blogger David Holt said...

WTL Prediction # 1. Bolton will poll second to Cohen in November. Nikki third. Stanton fourth.


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