Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Change is Going to Come

Looked out my window today and saw something that bodes ill for the Fords. It looks like we are going to have intermitant rain today here in the Bluff city. With a 600 odd vote count to make up, it looks like the beginning of hte end of the Ford dynasty.

Ophelia will, baring a miracle, go down today. Junior will more than likely lose next year. If I am right, and as Cracker can back up, and I usually am, Carol Chumney losing her Council election being a big blunder against me, then the Ford machine will have lost its power over the city.

We saw the beginnings of this in 99 when Senior decided to run his brother and not himself for mayor. We've seen it with the prayerful grooming of Junior for a run at a Senate seat, waiting out first Thompson and Frist. We've seen it with John self destructing like an out of control rock star. And now Ophelia is going to lose a seat she should not have been defending in the first place.

There is an old saw in football and politics. It is about matchups. Certain positions or people matchup better then others. Barbara Cooper and John DeBerry did not match up as well in the primary to a Ford. It was going to be almost impossible for them to beat whomever that person was. However, they had less negatives then a Ford when it comes to the general. The Republicans are going to get the vote out to beat a Ford because people like voting against a Ford (guess they like Chevy or Dodge). Cooper and Deberry do not have these same problems because they represent a change to people.

We all saw the writing on the wall six years ago when Joe ran and Senior didn't do anything until almost the end. I told Roscoe Dixon earlier that year that the Ford name alone is poison in West Tennessee despite what others may tell them. I stand by my assertion today. John and Senior have potentially poisoned the well.

Ophelia could still win, but it will be the last gasp of the Ford machine before it konks out for good. Junior will lose unless he lowers himself to a year long retail politics drive like one of his self professed political idols, Lamar Alexander. A Change is going to come today, watch.


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