Friday, August 19, 2005

back again

Couple weeks off because nothing good was happening that I felt deserved by moaning and crap. And then that wonderful man Chuckie Shumer opened his mouth and pissed me off.

I don't do exact quotes and those of you reading them already know that he said that Kurita should commit seppuku. Just go off to the corner dear and let the Junior win because we need another Obama. Let's all sing the original Kumbaya and not my preferred version.

Excuse me, but Chuckie, shut the HELL UP!!! Stay out our PRIMARY until it is over. You don't see Republicans do this shit. Let's be honest, Junior is going to win unless a miracle happens and Kurita gets a lot of money in the next year.

What is worrying the DLC is that Kurtia will use the Net and free Media to force Harold to move away from his preferred center-right. Instead of worrying about the primary and how it will enable Jr. to stay in the right middle, he and his strategists are going to be forced to move left and they don't want those quotes and positions to be used against him.

You know what? GOOD. Ford needs to realize that he is a DEMOCRAT and should be working for the PEOPLE of his district first-representing what they want and feel, as well as someone who stands up for the people against big business raping and pilaging their hopes and dreams.

Be what your father was and embrace Tennessee. Don't be like Al Gore and be a Washingtonian. No matter what you and your advisors think, you are still not a Memphian. You didn't really go to school here and you sure don't act like a Memphian. Your advisors may feel this is good and will allow you to appeal across the state. It might, but it also says you don't know your base when your top advisors are from Middle Tennessee. If you are dumb enough to put your main headquarters anywhere but Memphis, you will lose big.


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