Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Add me to the list

Of people who have been lied to by Dell Gill. Strickland sent me a further clarification stating that he has never worked on a Dixon campaign and that Dell is not a good source of information. I already knew this, but, being a complete idiot, I at least felt that Dell would remember who was on a campaign and did some heavy lifting for it and caused someone to garner flak.

Further comments: Dell is one of the people who has put forth a idea to charge (poll tax) people to be members of the local party or sit on exec comm. He wants people to pay their dues, literally or figuratively. D-U-M-B idea. Just what we need, a way to alienate people from joining, smart, very smart.

Gonzalez says that SC Judges can take personal feelings into account when deciding cases, and ignore that tricky thing called the law. Could he make it a little more obvious that he is sucking up to Christers in the Republicrat party. He wanted that nomination bad and must feel this is a way for him to get it.

But what about Brown, it overturned Plessy, because the SC thought it was wrong. Yes, without question. But how did they know this, Virginia? Evidence, years and years of evidence that proved seperate was not equal. This same evidence does not exist excpe in Pat Robertson and Eric Ruduloph's heads. The evidence I've seen make about as much sense as the right's position on global warming.

He might have pleased the right, but he has no shot of being nominated successfully now.

Out, more to come


At 6:26 PM, Blogger BD Friend said...

Let me add one more qualification for Party membership and/or EC: you have to work for a living! That would excludes Bro Gill, trained Engineer but long term unemployed.


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