Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More than Hornet's, Killer Bees

Got a nasty email from Jim Strickland today. He was 100% correct in telling me that I make it seem that he was responsible form Roscoe losing. I was not saying that. I was informed that Roscoe campaigned with him in U and Near East Memphis by Dell Gill in 2000. This is the election I was referring to. Jim says that he did nothing for Roscoe, not even talk to him. I have to conclude that he was referring to 2004 and my information stated 2000. I am not being facetious in saying that I assumed you would know what year I was referring to. I apologize again.

The crux of my argument remains though and for that I do not apologize. I feel that Roscoe could have made a bigger impact by getting Carol and Mike to help him with door to door as they know their districts and how they vote better than Jim does. I'm sorry, that's the truth, they have won elections from those districts and could have gotten out the vote as neither faced credible primary challengers. At least Jim was asked to help do campaigning, most of the time the only thing you find in non-power base precincts is a sign on a major intersection.

Enough of rehashing for now. On to more things.

Jane Fonda-National book tour in vegetable oil powered bus. It's hot enough now that when she goes through Texas on this tour they won't have to turn the fryer on.

Hillary-Another DLC sellout who will probably get the nomination. Here's hoping she tacks to the left unlike Bill who tacked right.

Plame-Rove should be fired, tried, and hung along with Bush, Rummy, Cheney, and Wolfowitz for crimes agianst America

Trading Deadline-Braves not going to do anything, hoping the Cards have injuries, and West Tenn bounces back.

John Roberts-unqualified wingnut

Gonzalez-the foundation of our Judicial system, precedent, is null and void if a SC judge personally disagrees with it, more on this tomorrow when I simmer down.



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