Sunday, July 31, 2005

Two day layoff

I hate running. That's all I have to say about my choice of exercise to keep my weight down. I'm not giong to give up my favorite foods and I detest gyms so that leaves running. Before I got a shin splint, I was running four to five miles a day every couple of days, now I am barely doing two after a two month layoff. Enough with this crap and my whining, let's sink our teeth into some red meat.

Harold came down and threw a breakfast and donated the large sum of 2500 to the party. A good start, but not enough in my view. Junior spends a lot less time down here then he should. If he was actually down here more often, does anyone think that David Cocke would have lost.

A rant that I have given to crackerman several timesis finally about to spew. Sit back and enjoy.

My list of issues with the SCDP is long, varied, and solvable in most cases. The main problem I have is solvable, but is going to take a fundamental change in how this party functions.

That problem is recruitment. Not on election day. Not in candidates. No, our problem is something that if we don't stop it now, will kill this party in twenty years locally. That problem is the ignoring of people between 18 and 25 by the local party.

This is evident in the lack of suport in continuing College Democrats except at election time. The Republicans keep their party going year after year, gathering new members and laying a foundation for future members and fundraisers. Admittedly, many of these members are elitist white frat boys and girls and are thus way more inclined to want to support issues that ensure daddy keeps his money and them from having to find real work.

That is another area we have abandoned. We don't even try to recruit in frats and sororities that are white. I have no problem in getting support from the Q's, Omega's, and Alphas. My best friend from high school is a Q-Dog (why does that statement soound so like an apology). However, abandoning these groups without a fight is dumb. they have to do service anyway, helping out on our causes is a natural progression then republicans can.
Targeting people in this area that aren't in these groups is just as valuable. The war in Iraq, equal access for all people, freedom from government intrusion, more money for schools and Universities, and health care should be our focal points. Kids leaving for school want to know they are safe and that they will have health coverage after they graudate and before they get a real job.
For too long we have ignored kids that could become solid Dems by the age old saws. They have no money, they're more prone to flake out, and they have paid their dues. Well, howsabout some of you old campaign vets give up some damn power and let others have input on campaigns. Just because the old ways have worked for this long doesn't mean you can't change it. The coalition provided a shot of new blood that has been shut our for two long.
This shouldn't have happened. We need to recuit them young when they are most impresisionable. This will help us in providing future donors and candidates. Having to go hat in hand to our few relieable donore in off years just to keep the office going is embarrassing and donations will go down if we lose the state senate and possibly the house.
Many of you who will read this joined the party in the fire of the sixties and seventies because you wanted to take back the country for the good. You are baby boomers who have had a voice for twenty years. You are at the fore front of politics today. You are where you are because the previous generations let you come in and provide new ideas. Don't you think it is time to do the same for my generation and the ones to come?
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At 9:54 PM, Blogger Richmond said...

I hate to make a somewhat controversial comment, but if my 18 to 22 year old students at SIU are indicative, the largest problem we Democrats have reflects the exact same issue we had in the ealry 80s when I was (somewhat) involved with the U of M Campus organization. It is true, as you suggest, that your age group does not have respect. We did not either, leading me to think it may have more to do with the realities of age rather than some deliberate attempt to ignore younger folks. You also have the same problem that Steve mentioned, albeit on another subject matter, in his entry today: that Shelby County is forever the state stepchild outside of its borders. No one in Weakley County gives a damn about Shelby except statewide Democrats at election time. As a fellow Tennessean in my department here said, "We'll take the tax money, but Memphis is just a dirty city." He's a Republican who worked for Sundquist, so he can be more honest than (say) Bredesen who needs your votes to win.
I think, in other words, your point is well-taken, but I'm not sure what can be done about it. Keep trying, however: God knows we need help--

At 12:35 AM, Blogger polar donkey said...

The best way to recruit young people is to get their parents. The vast majority of people inherit their political views. That is why hispanic voter outreach now is so important. Perhaps many of the immigrants who have come to Memphis over the past 10 to 12 years are not able to vote, but in a very short time their children will. I am all for outreach on college campus'.(I attend U of M and I see stupid elephant signs all over the place.) I would also like to do more in the high schools. Particularly, starting young Democrats clubs. The members of these clubs should be invited to organizational training courses by TDP operatives. (That's what they are for and it's part of their jobs.) I would also encourage the local party to take high schoolers and even college students to things like the living wage and especially TennCare forums. Let kids know how policy affects people and what they are fighting for. In addition, the democratic party should push to go out and speak to civics and american government classes in schools.

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