Monday, September 12, 2005

Sacred Cows Make the Tastiest Hamburger

The greatest sacred cow of the Republican party and its supporters is that smaller government helps people letting those that it says, private corporations, do things more efficiently and quicker than the government. Katrina has shown the lie that this is. A larger or at least better funded Department of Homeland Security would have been able to do more.

Florida last year showed that FEMA can do its job even with unqualified leadership. To do this though, requires money and commitment at the highest level. Florida was a battleground state that Bush wanted to win so the commitment was there. Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi have no pending elections for Bushies so no commitment to save it.

I do think Louisiana's governor being a Dem did play a factor because they wanted greater control in the state. They knew the Alabama governor would play ball if he wanted to win reelection. Plus, the Armani Redneck was going to do things only the Rude Pundit can describe even if Bush came down and peeed on the wreckage.

Some have said that they didn't want the bad image of superceding a women Dem governor. Horesefeathers. They had ammo in her asking them to take control two days before.

One thing that is continually left out is the people outside of NOLA who have suffered damage as well. Many of the people that I encounter here in Memphis are from the outlying parishes and they are excedingly white. The people in Mississippi are white as well for the most part. Conservative economic policies abandon those that they profess to help the most.

When government wants to give people money or assistance, those that benefit are for it and fight tooth and nail to keep it. But when government wants to regulate for the greater good or interfers in state power, they fight tooth and nail to keep it out. Witness TVA, bridges to uninhabited islands, mine safety, the EPA, and shipbuilding in Mississippi.

I am a states rightist. I don't believe in state supremecy over the federal government though. I think that more power should go to the states. A lot of Republicans agree with this. The problem lies with fuckwads like Eagle Forum who cry for local and state control and then want to deny the funding that leads to disasters like the Southern educational system and the Soutern lack of health care.

If you want state and local control, then be a man or woman, and grow a set and agree to fully fund government so that it can help you. Don't be a waste of all of our air, time, and money and move to Tipton County or Olive Branch. The problems will follow you there as well. You are only delaying the inevitable and making the situation worse for those you profess to care about.


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