Thursday, April 20, 2006

yeah, I know

Work and family and lack of news conspire against you sometimes. I am back to disagree with Cracker. I agree with the decision to kick out Ophelia.

I know the number of disqualified voters does not equal the number of votes Roland lost by. Even still this election stunk and she knows she is going to win the election in November. With her nephew running in the same election, she is going to win probably 60-40.

I will applaud Cohen for his defense of her. Steve is desperate to win the US House seat and this is a good way for his to deflect some of the call to keep this a black owned seat. I know Cohen's personal beliefs are those that he professes, however, he is a shrewd political operator and knows the benefits this will have.

I disagree with Dell Gill and his call for Democrats that voted in Republican primaries to be not bonafide's. Excuse me, I am a Democrat, and I have been all my life, but I vote in the Republican primaries for a simple reason, I like getting their push poll and mailer information. It allows me to know and inform others of their tactics. Hearsay is one thing for polling, actual experience is another. In 04, Pelliciotti ran one of the most onerous and obvious push polls in recent memory against Kernell. When I called him on it, he denied it and said they were nonpartisan. Sorry, my major in college was public policy and communcations, that don't fly.

We do need to unify in face of the election this year. But I have a novel idea. Do NOT give money to Ford, he has plenty of it. Instead, give it to Rahm Emmanuel and his committee to draft and elect new Democratic reps. Give it to the DNC so Dean can rebuild the local party infrastructure across the country. Do NOT give it to Chuck Schumer. I hate him, I understand his desire to get us into office, but he rolls over more times than a dog at a belly scratching competion. Give it to candidates that are running against strong Republicans in an effort to blunt them and make them run actual campaigns and not the shadow ones we are used to here with Junior.

Any suggestions?


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