Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's been a long time

Yes, its me again. Having a kid and two jobs make Blue very sleepy and have less free time than Junior at a leather bar. LBJ again, deny it. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to vote for him in the primary, but Christ on a stick, er...wrong time to make that comparison.

HFJr is counting on us as Democrats to vote for him, even if we can't stand him or his positions. He must be counting on the whole better the devil you know then the devil you don't. After reading an article on MSNBC, no I won't put a link up, go there and look at some of other stuff, ya lazy bum, that and I can't remember how to do it, on Lincoln Chafee and his problems there, I am convinced HFJr is our version of him. The difference, Rhode Island has INFORMED voters. Yes, they have partisans, but they are a small part of the electorate. Heck, Chafee is more of a Democrat in many ways then HFJr is.

HFJr is trying too hard to become a nationally important person. And he is, to the Republicans. He has been on Fox so much lately, I half expect Faux News' next show to be The Quisling Show with Harold and Zell.

HFJr is not his father. Good, his father was a polarizing figure here in Memphis and the state at large, but he was always here fighting for his constiuents even when it bucked his own party. His son is not polarizing, even in fact being A Worthy Negro. He also bucks his party, to his constituents despair. And other then fundraisers and important Tiger games, how many times can you recall Junior in town, picking up his dry cleaning, buying his groceries, or just doing ordinary things here in Memphis?

While I disagree with Cracker that a Congressman's first loyalty is to the country's best intrests and not his constituents, other then Pitt Hyde and Fred Smith, who don't live in his district, how many of his constiuents would be affected by a tax that only hits estates over 5 million dollars, and even better, how many would vote for him? How many of his constiuents are living paycheck to paycheck and have to declare the bankruptcy to get their lives back to normal? Which is greater? My personal idol, Tip O'Neil said it best. All politics is local. The Cracker's roomate, the DR said it best, If you *&%$ your constiuents enough, they will *&%$ you back.

Long diatribe on Easter and 2006 is not 1994 tomorrow, I promise.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a 40 year Memphis resident in Harold's district. Voted for him in every election till now. I've given Jr. lots of slack over the years but this is it. He's lost my vote

At 6:57 AM, Blogger newscoma said...

You know, I'm voting for Jr. now that Kurita is out of the race.
I just can't take another six years of Republican shenanigans of the likes from Fancy Frist.
However, Jr. isn't consistant all of the time on the issues either, but the alternatives are just *sigh* ...

At 7:54 AM, Blogger SgtLarry said...

Don't forget that the 9th district includes east Memphis, a part of Germantown, and even a section of Collierville ... He just might have constituents with estates over five million.

The estate tax is nothing but the politics of envy. Taxes have already been paid on that money when it was earned but you want to tax it again. It's not like the money is redistributed to poor ... ala Robin Hood ... but goes into corporate welfare too. So you want to take money from individuals and give it corporations.

If I win the lottery, it's bad enough that I must give a huge portion to the gov't (after all, it wasn't the gov't risking it's money so why does it deserve any). But after I die, you want to steal half of the remaining for the gov't rather than my family.

Shame on you.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger LeftWingCracker said...

Is your estate bigger than $4 Million, Larry? if so, you're probably far and away the wealthiest to post here (not that there's anything wrong with that- :))

I'm betting not, though. what we need is a COMPLETE restructuring of the tax system to eliminate loopholes.

So, who cares? I'm not ever going to be that rich, and neither are you. No less a republican than Andrew Carnegie believed in a 100% estate tax; he believed EVERYONE should have to make it on their own, and he didn't believe in dynasties.

The so-called "death tax" affects only the wealthies 1% of Americans; it's their DUTY to pay.

At 1:53 PM, Blogger SgtLarry said...

I expect my 401k to worth between $800k and $1 million when I retire. If I continue to live modestly, just get the avg return on the stock market, I could easily live long enough that the total estate would be worth more than $4 million (that's the power of the market and why I'd rather see my social security invested in the market rather than t-bills).

I have absolutely no "duty" to allow the gov't to steal my money. I gave this country four years of my life in the military in exchange for the GI Bill (or VEAP as it was known then) to complete my education. I've done my duty.

Did Carnegie give all his money away at death or did someone in his family inherit it?

Joe Kennedy left his wealth for his family. John Kerry owes most of his wealth to the fact that his wife inherited it. An Junior will inherit plenty from Daddy Ford. Neither Teddy nor Junior made it on their own.

But I don't care. They have theirs and I'm trying to get mine ... and when I do, I don't want greedy socialists trying to steal it from me.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Jon Carroll said...

First I was referring to those that vote for him, G-Town, Collierville and east Memphis are not Democratic strongholds, I work there and feel like I have to have my papers stamped every time I come to work, Also, remember, it is your total estate that is taxed., if you live 20 years of retirement and you start at 1 million , your estate will not be 4 million, it will be less. Also, those that you mentioned having to pay it, did it willingly because they were good Democrats who placed the needs of the many over their own craven self-interest. Isn't that a Christian edict? Finally, they aren't taking from you, they are taking from your children. Gift your money to your kids or place your assets in a trust and that will absolve most of that.


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