Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who was quoted on MSNBC.com

Your favorite and mine, the one guy I read every day, the Rude Pundit. His calling out of Ann Coulter was a front page citation of her plagirism. One of the last bloggers I expected to see on a major mainstream web site.

Kos was on Countdown last night. As Keith wasn't on, I didn't watch, don't like his fill ins, I see on eof them I turn the channel in a heartbeat.

Might have something coming out of the Blogger Bash, more news when it is available.

Lastly, good-bye Super Bowl chances Pittsburgh. I know that Big Ben (like I'll try to spell that off the top of my head) was not seriously injured, but it doesn't bode well. As a long time motorcycle rider, I am a firm advocate of helmet laws. Hell, if it wasn't for the heat, I think full-face ones should be mandatory.

My wife doesn't ride and doesn't believe it is the governement's right to tell us that we have to. While I am against government intervention in most cases, when it comes to public safety I am for it for this reason.

Most of the time when a rider has an accident, he dies pure and simple. Usually this is because of injuries involving body trauma or neck compression. But wearing a helmet can reduce or stop most nonfatal injuries. Wearing proper gear, no shorts, sandals, or flip-flops can prevent skin abrasions that make you look like you just went ten rounds with a cheese grater. Proper footware can prevent distracting small injuries, broken feet when you are thrown, and provide proper balance and traction at stop lights.

I realize I have gone on too long, but remeber this, it is not your life you risk when you don't wear a helmet or other proper gear, you risk your loved ones as well.


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