Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Ya Schmuck

Bush is 60, great, that means he'll be able to soon collect that disappearing social security.

Lieberman made me even madder at Lloyd Benson. Yes Joe, you ran against Shrub, but at the same time you showed the confidence you have by running for Senate as well. From what I saw, Lamont did okay, but he needs to hammer the point that Lieberman has no faith in Democrats, and that is why he is running as an independant as well. It seems like he would rather blow up the party there and cause division than admit defeat graciously.

Doesn't appear that Kenny Boy's wife will have to pay out anything due to the two key assets of his being protected. Very Christian of her to take care of others and lifting herself up by the straps of her Manolo Blahnks.

Kos is either doing something very good or something paranoid filled. Eventually when I figure out what I am doing, I will put links in these.

Finally, saw he Lady Libertine figure at Starship Jesus yesterday. If it's been said, I apoligize for ripping them off, but I wanted to go get a couple of pink flamingos and some garden gnomes to put out there as well. That thing would be a Jeff Foxwoarthy joke if he wasn't such a Republican piece of crap.

Reason number 12 why Willie shouldn't be mayor: He was even worse as superintendant and ran on that record. Remember kids, fail upwards.