Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bad day for sports

The premier baseball writer in America today suffered an aneurysm yesterday and in in good condition after brain surgery. Peter Gammons is an icon in baseball writing. I fear that even if he comes back, he won't be the same physically. Prove me wrong Peter.

In the early part of net coverage of sports Gammons was derided because of his opposition to OPS and that a lot of his information and tips were proven to be false or were broken by someone earlier in the day on a web site. Rather than fade he away, he embraced the statheads to a degree and mined his contacts for better information and made new ones. He also retired from his post as a regular writer in Boston. While he still had a New England bias (not to the degree of the impartial as always Bob Ryan), this freed up up to be more of a commentator on ESPN.

I liked Peter because I am not a stat head. My one fear for this is we a repeat of the late, great Dick Schapp who went into the hospital for heart surgery and passed away not long after. Good luck and God Bless.

Was perusing, one of my favorite sites today and saw where they had a preview of what was to come for MSNBC. Olbermann and Matthews are safe, but what cracked me up was the vitriol that spewed there. The only comments as of this post were from people who hated Olberman. One other guy in obviously misinformed as he said that Matthews= Conservatives are shady. Uh, mule fritters. Matthews is dancing to Jack Welch's tune which is to seem like a DINO and attack the Dems.

Looks like we got our first signs of what kind of court we are going to have with the Supreme Court apparently ignoring the Constitution's own words that said districts must be redrawn after censuses. Until now, states have saved time and money and just done it after the censuses. Now they are going to gerrymander districts after every shift in control of state houses. That's going to be fun.

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