Sunday, July 16, 2006

Boring week and a raving lunatic

Nothing much happened other than Pesky was called a racist, WTL a racist, me a racist, and I'm sure some other well meaning practical liberal was called one again in this town. These people are missing the true racist in the Memphis Subversive Coalition, Left Wing Cracker, his name saye it all.

It strikes me as deeply offensive that blacks can insult ignorant white trash that chooses to be ignorant and uninformed. Yet when one of us pigment challenged individual points out that the system is stacked against blacks especially poor blacks, we are branded as racist. News flash, the system is stacked against you and for white people, however, the system within your community is even more stratified. Yes, I have an inherant advantage over you in job applications because I am white and especially here in the South, most hiring managers are white.

But, the media is full of examples of blacks embracing ghetto culture, ignorance, and the quick buck over perserverance, education, and long term wealth growth. I ain't getting into that argument. The media is full of people who overcame the ghetto. Unlike thirty to fifty years ago, these examples nowadays are almost entirely sports related. The highest earning African-Americans today are overwhelmingly sports figures.

What's worst is today's sports stars are overwhelmingly pussies when it comes to making political stands. Why? Lack of real education on the issues and education by their agents toward gaining more endorsement dollars. When was the last time you remember a black or white sports star other than Pat Tillman making any comment about the current situation other than, "I support the troops", "They are the real heroes", "This puts our job in perspective", and/or "Republicans mean I get to keep more of my signing bonus to spend on strippers, diamonds, and some other useless shit that I'm going to have to sell in 10 years when my career is over".

Okay, I made the last one up, but its true. Michael Jordan refused to endorse a black canidate in North Carolina saying that white kids buy shoes too. NO SHIT!! But, if others had taken your stance, where would you be today. How much of our acceptance of Terrell Owens is because of Muhammed Ali? Clarence Thomas used affirmative action to get into law school and get his first jobs and now wants to end it.

Circling back to Pesky's point, Memphis is not separated on racial grounds, like every other city, it is separated on class grounds. Memphis just happens to be overwhelmingly black. Contrast us with Atlanta and Washington, D.C.. Similar racial demographics. Similar major corporation dominating everything. Similar corrupt mayor. The difference is that they had a vibrant middle class that is upwardly mobile. They bring in events. They do things. Memphis does not. WHy, we as a city have seemingly given up, and we need to change that. How, give me your suggestins and I'll post mine on Wednesday.


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