Friday, July 07, 2006

I see things are coming out the way I foresaw

Three years ago I made an impassioned plea to Cracker over what I wanted the SCDP to be. I wanted it to have relevance, be a power, and raise a lot of money. To do this, it was going to have to come to grips with what it was. A joke.

Ultimately, the Ford, Chism, and Herneton factions were going to have to be largely removed. The first step was the removal of Gale Jones Carson. I thought that election of Katherine Bowers was a step in the right direction. While Katherine delivered Memphis in 2004, she was apparently more concerned with her own succession of Roscoe and allegedly taking bribes.

We follow her with the compromise Matt Kuhn. Matt was doomed from the start. I think I put it once that his coalition was reminiscent of an Italian parliment in the 80s. Matt is toast and that is a shame. Whoever follows him will be the guy who follows the guy who tried to change things.

I don't hate to say this, but it is known that I am going to lay the blame at one man's doorstep. Dell Gill. Dell is beloved by Cracker and many others because of his tireless campaigning and desire for the party to succeed. Christ on Lady Libertine, so do Mike Kernell's consigliore Jody Patterson and Mike Brister, but that doesn't mean that they should run unchecked, and Dell does.

Yes, I am white (that's what the W in my WMD stands for). Yes, I live in Whitehaven. No, I don't have enough capital and experience to criticize him, but you know what, I am right.

Too often, we have driven out members of this local party who have worked tirelessly and be shit upon. Quintrell, Cracker, Patterson, and Mr. Personality, Jim Strickland all have been crapped on by leadershit in the local party. I think Cracker will be back within the fold. I remember a conversation we had a year ago and he changed fairly quickly about that.

The local party is having a problem recruiting locally because we are seen as a party that is out for ourselves (isn't that the Republicans stance?). We are not recruiting whites because our leaders ignore them and write them off. The gay community is close to dumping us because of the vitriol of preachers who cannot equate gay rights with civil rights. We might lose the Hispanics because they religiously are more inclined to vote more for Republicans, and we are the party more likely to have racial divides than the Republicans.

Ultimately, its late and I'm tired. Remeber, the soil of the future is fertilized with blood and bodies of the present. We need to have a bloodletting. I've been saying it for three years. We need to organize and storm the ramparts of next year's conventions and force our way onto the committees and take over.



At 11:42 PM, Blogger Wintermute said...

Kernell has consiglieri?!

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Jon Carroll said...

as close as anyone can be

At 2:27 AM, Blogger PeskyFly said...

The GOP has no racial divide because they have no races to divide. Even the pepper in the salt is white.

Too many people are talking about a bloodletting. I don't know about that. Take away the confederation, and you've got not much left.

Where do the gays turn? Their own party? Well that will insure their interests are protected.

Hispanics are inclined to conservatism based on faith, and not much else. Let the immigration talk (veiled anti-hispanic talk) rage a little longer, we'll see how long they love the GOP.

And you've got to cut Memphis' African American pcommunity a teeny weenie bit of slack. Part of overcoming is the opportunity to oppress others. Part of being in the majority means a chance to try out all the cronyism and corruption whites perfected years ago.

Yeah, there are some people I'd like to see gone, but I seem to remember an old cliche about cutting off your nose to teach your face a lesson.

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