Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon.

Finally broke down and put up some links to the most of the west of the Memphis Subversive Gang, aka the 'Cue. As the least known and respected blogger of us, I have to get some links somehow.

Try this link for the podcast, Cue Podcst 1.

Junior getting into a pissing match about his dad, bout time you grew a set although Bryant is not who you should be targeting, you can beat him, its Hilleary and Corker that can defeat you easily.

Cell phones should be banned from school, but before and after are a different thing, but one of those cell phone blocker thingamajigs.

Uggh, Reggie French and Mark Luttrell are a case of definitely holding the old nose when you pull the lever.

Dell Gill has said to some that the only time he was actually out of order, he wasn't called on it because they agreed with him. So what Dell, others sing your praises, but you are just too arrogant for me and in a lot of ways, not all, but in a lot of ways you and many others in the SCDP represent what is wrong about the SCDP and our party at the local level nationally.

Imagine you get elected to the local Party Board. You get a little bit of power and you think that makes you a mover and shaker. You also work hard to get others elected. They fail and you say to yourself, I know why they lost, they didn't do thing X that I told them to do. So you decide to run for an office.

You go out there and try and you fail. You try again and again. After the third time, your candiacy is a private joke. Meanwhile, you keep geting elected the local board and help others win, garnering you some loyalty. Rather than help others succeed you and keep the party fresh and new, you hang on to your limited power. New talent is not brought in in numbers and the bit that is beholden to the current cabal. When the old guard retires, the new guard is caught with a smaller and smaller group to draw fresh ideas from.

We are seeing in Memphis an atempt at changing the guard witht the Kuhn gang. I am finally going on record with saying that all true Democrats should support them. They are the current leaders, but mre importantly, they are for the most relatively new, relatively young party members who want to help change the world. Te Deaniacs, who I never supported, the Moveoners, and the fedupers are all part of this mish mash of good people. Let's support them and in so doing, renew the tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants. Who wants to be first in line to cut Willie?


At 10:38 AM, Blogger John Harvey said...

Uggh, Reggie French and Mark Luttrell are a case of definitely holding the old nose when you pull the lever.

Well you could always write-in for a guy who won't take money from convicts, has made a few thousand arrests, risked his life numerous times, and is a computer expert to boot!

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