Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vote by Mail-My Two Cents

I am opposed to vote by mail for several reasons. I think it is a good idea for Tennessee, but at this point in time I think it is unworkable for Tennessee especially Memphis and will disenfranchise a lot of minority voters.

One is that the ballots are mailed to the voters address of record. A lot of Memphians move around a lot and don't bother to update their voting records. To my understanding, these voters will have no way to post a provisional ballot or vote on election day at an actual polling station.

The second and primary reason surrounds us here in Memphis and also around Davidson County. I am talking about the White Flight areas of Lakeland, Atoka, Tipton, Fayette, Desoto, and Crittendon locfally. Thousands of former Memphians have fled here to go there.

The voter rolls in Memphis need to be purged after each election. Match them up with tax records. Send these registered letters that are the same as the ballots to the houses on record. If they get no response or find they have moved, purge them. Purge the dead as well for Ophelia's sake.

If they wish to retain their right to vote in the elections, let them produce tax records, utility bills, rental agreements, or cable bills in their names at these addresses. Give them until the day before election to cast provisional ballots and verify their address. Partner with the aforementioned counties and this information so that they can add them to their rolls.

Purge the rolls and give people who have moved or otherwise failed to vote during an early voting style format and you will have a lot more workable way to process vote by mail.,


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