Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's been a long time

Three weeks off when I had been posting nearly every day there. Work intruding again. No free time, hell no time at all. I will admit that what little time I had was devoted to NCAA College Football 2007, I am a gamer geek, I admit it.

Stevie Ray Cohen won..YEAHH! Bob Corker won..BOOO!! Harold Ford Jr

Lieberman is a tool and a sellout who apparantly forgot the lesson on losing gracefully.

The Isreal-Lebanon story had burned out because no one cares anymore hardly.

50% of people believe that Iraq had WMDs. This wouldn't be so sad if last year, it was at 36%.

These are truly the dog days of summer, little news on all fronts. I can't wait for the fall when the news is coming fast and furious.