Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where's that handbasket?

Shit's going down in the Middle East. I got nothing to say except that for once, I support Isreal. Normally, I disagree with Isreal on the Palestinians, but in this case I think they are in the right. Surreal moment on MSNBC last night, Tucker Carlson interviewing Netanyahu. Carlson in Tel Aviv, while Binny was in New York, slight switch there.

The NeoCons are salivating because now they can further destroy the military and invade Iran and Syria. Great, get ready for a draft because conservatively estimates run that we will need another 400 thousand troops to take over those countries as well as keep a presence in Iraq. Last word on this, THESE ARE NOT THE END TIMES YOU DUMB M*&^%^FU&^ERS.

Cohen should win his race, but he needs to keep campaigning harder. Steve wants to join the Congressional black caucus if elected, I wonder what Mike Kernell thinks of that. I just put up a sign in my neighborhood less than a half mile behind Stanton headquarters. McKinney almost lost. Yeah, I know she's one of ours, but she is a little crazy. Usually she's good crazy, but sometimes not.

Republicans of course hate Ronald Reagan. You gotta love a bill that I can agree with Frist on. It's strangely ironic that for once his medical judgement was used in a positive way, although all the stem cells in the world would not have saved Schiavo. The Arkansas man who recovered from a twenty year coma is different, his brain mass never deterioted 50%

I have removed two anonymous posts from people who got a little vulgar. I don't mind profanity, but dude, be a little creative. Also, I hate people who are cowards and hide behind anonymous posts. This shows that you are just a little baby who doesn't want his name known to others. I am not going to be like Steve and disable anonymous posting, Vishnu knows I welcome all posts, but if you want to comment, use an alias, it takes less than two minutes to create one.

Out but remember, all white people are racists no matter where they live.


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