Tuesday, April 25, 2006

says it all

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Went and trolled the blogosphere this morning after reading the Commercial Advertisement and found two things that I enjoyed. Whoops, make that three things. One is the Clippers won their game last night against the Nuggets. I have been a moderate Clippers fan for about fifteen years. Go Lary Brown!!

The second thing is WTL and his rembrances of slug sandwiches. I had forgotten about them and what they were called, but up in Humboldt, where I'm from, we had them too. But we didn't call them that, I can't remember what exactly, but I liked mine with ketchup and mustard.

The third is Cracker man and his call for the heads of traitorus Democrats. While I am much more moderate in many cases than he is, I agree with his statements to a degree. HFJr. should have his Democratic epaulets torn off his shoulders, his rank insignia removed, and our backs turned to him. Another that deserves this is Lieberman as he is worse than HFJr.

The revolution is coming. It ain't happening this year, we might win the Senate, it will take a Villanova style run to do so, but it is possible. We will not take the House as too many traitorus Democrats joined Republicans in making seats safe for both. More on this later today or tomorow. Got to go to work, and my son is screaming, gotta love an 8 month old.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

yeah, I know

Work and family and lack of news conspire against you sometimes. I am back to disagree with Cracker. I agree with the decision to kick out Ophelia.

I know the number of disqualified voters does not equal the number of votes Roland lost by. Even still this election stunk and she knows she is going to win the election in November. With her nephew running in the same election, she is going to win probably 60-40.

I will applaud Cohen for his defense of her. Steve is desperate to win the US House seat and this is a good way for his to deflect some of the call to keep this a black owned seat. I know Cohen's personal beliefs are those that he professes, however, he is a shrewd political operator and knows the benefits this will have.

I disagree with Dell Gill and his call for Democrats that voted in Republican primaries to be not bonafide's. Excuse me, I am a Democrat, and I have been all my life, but I vote in the Republican primaries for a simple reason, I like getting their push poll and mailer information. It allows me to know and inform others of their tactics. Hearsay is one thing for polling, actual experience is another. In 04, Pelliciotti ran one of the most onerous and obvious push polls in recent memory against Kernell. When I called him on it, he denied it and said they were nonpartisan. Sorry, my major in college was public policy and communcations, that don't fly.

We do need to unify in face of the election this year. But I have a novel idea. Do NOT give money to Ford, he has plenty of it. Instead, give it to Rahm Emmanuel and his committee to draft and elect new Democratic reps. Give it to the DNC so Dean can rebuild the local party infrastructure across the country. Do NOT give it to Chuck Schumer. I hate him, I understand his desire to get us into office, but he rolls over more times than a dog at a belly scratching competion. Give it to candidates that are running against strong Republicans in an effort to blunt them and make them run actual campaigns and not the shadow ones we are used to here with Junior.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's been a long time

Yes, its me again. Having a kid and two jobs make Blue very sleepy and have less free time than Junior at a leather bar. LBJ again, deny it. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to vote for him in the primary, but Christ on a stick, er...wrong time to make that comparison.

HFJr is counting on us as Democrats to vote for him, even if we can't stand him or his positions. He must be counting on the whole better the devil you know then the devil you don't. After reading an article on MSNBC, no I won't put a link up, go there and look at some of other stuff, ya lazy bum, that and I can't remember how to do it, on Lincoln Chafee and his problems there, I am convinced HFJr is our version of him. The difference, Rhode Island has INFORMED voters. Yes, they have partisans, but they are a small part of the electorate. Heck, Chafee is more of a Democrat in many ways then HFJr is.

HFJr is trying too hard to become a nationally important person. And he is, to the Republicans. He has been on Fox so much lately, I half expect Faux News' next show to be The Quisling Show with Harold and Zell.

HFJr is not his father. Good, his father was a polarizing figure here in Memphis and the state at large, but he was always here fighting for his constiuents even when it bucked his own party. His son is not polarizing, even in fact being A Worthy Negro. He also bucks his party, to his constituents despair. And other then fundraisers and important Tiger games, how many times can you recall Junior in town, picking up his dry cleaning, buying his groceries, or just doing ordinary things here in Memphis?

While I disagree with Cracker that a Congressman's first loyalty is to the country's best intrests and not his constituents, other then Pitt Hyde and Fred Smith, who don't live in his district, how many of his constiuents would be affected by a tax that only hits estates over 5 million dollars, and even better, how many would vote for him? How many of his constiuents are living paycheck to paycheck and have to declare the bankruptcy to get their lives back to normal? Which is greater? My personal idol, Tip O'Neil said it best. All politics is local. The Cracker's roomate, the DR said it best, If you *&%$ your constiuents enough, they will *&%$ you back.

Long diatribe on Easter and 2006 is not 1994 tomorrow, I promise.