Friday, April 29, 2005


Okay, no post yesterday, got called into work and combined that with updating the computer to Professional with service pack 2 took forever. Nothing on Junior. I'll do that next week.

Caught the entire press conference yesterday because it preempted countdown. Got to say Bushland is the land of make believe if he thinks that even this tweaking of Social Security has any chance of passage. It has even less chance than the load of crap he had before. He also is tying himself to personal accounts, saying that unless they are included, he ain't signing. He calls them ownership of your retirement. Yeah, passing on your benefits if you die before retirement is good, but you can't pass on your retirement benefits if you die after retirement.

Why? You have to buy an annuity that assures you a level of income equal across the board. This means you can't pass it on because annuities end when you or your immediate spouse does. The exception is if you are rich enough to not have to buy this annuity and that you can pass on, but the number of the people who can do this is one percent. Familiar number isn't it?

The insurgency is at the same level terrorism is on the rise world-wide, and Iraq took an embaressing three months to form a governement. But we are winning against these people by spreading freedom and democracy. he repeated those word at least 15 times in 4 minutes. We are winning, but the Bush isn't willing to make the neccessary sacrifices. Roll back the tax cuts, force Iraq to pay us back for the reconstruction, call on people to join the military, or call on people to conserve so that we have the money and manpower to fight this war on terrorists.

Bush says that he doesn't use focus groups and polls. Hmmm, that is a poll driven answer. He also used triangulation, a focus group and poll driven strategy, to distance himself from Dobson. He did say the truth by saying that we oppose his nominees because they are wingnuts, not religious wingnuts.

Further post later.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

One More Time

Tried to do this earlier,but kept getting error messages, so I'm I guess I'll just do it now. Couple of quick topics.

Braves won. YEAH!!!! We beat he traitor Glavine. Don't get me wrong, I love him, but he might have cost himself the Hall of Fame by going to Mets. He left because he is the head player rep and had to go for the longer contract and bigger dollars. He went from a great pitching coach and an outstanding defense to, well, a horrible defense and mediocre coaching.

The BCS is going to let more teams in. Well, let me give a big woop. These extra bids aren't going to a CUSA team, but rather to further line the pockets of the Big 6 confrences.

The Center for Digital Democacy
has some good stuff on how the GOP controlled CPB is trying to change NPR and PBS despite most Americans being perfectly happy with them. Republicans like to say that PBS isn't needed because of A&E and the History Channel and other such. Maybe this is so on the National level,but what about locally?

Last year, I watched a fascinating story on how the city planning of East Memphis and a large part of the U of M area were done. I also try to catch the legislative report on Sundays whenever possible. This is an invaluable tool to gauge the pulse on state wide politics. You just aren't going to get coverage of stuff like Chucalisa and Pinson Mounds anywhere but on PBS because the local media aren't going to cover them unless someone dies or it's a really slooooow day.

That's all, I'm going to try to keep these posts short and simple and also I'm missing Countdown. More tomorrow on the Hammer and why Jr. should run for Senator.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Scott McClellan actually said that the US doesn't get involved in internal elections of other states. Yes, I know he was talking about upcoming elections in Britain and whether or not the US wants Blair to win, but still, that has to rank up there with some of the dumber statements I've heard this week.

Number 1 for dumbness is South Carolina Rep. John Graham Altman. I first saw this video on Countdown and was just utterly amazed at the stupidity of the drivel he was spewing and then I realized a few things. One, he's a Republican and nothing should shock me that they say. Second, he ain't going to lose re-election so what does he care. Finally, jeez, does this guy want to pull back the 19th Amendment?

Good pitching matchup tonight as my beloved Braves take on the Mets. I like the unbalanced schedule, but I wish more of these games were in later months like July and August when I, like most baseball fans, aren't watching much outside of the All-Star game and BBTN to see what trades have gone down. Familiarty doesn't breed contempt, it breeds apathy.

It gets a little excruiting to think that we have played the Mets, Philly, Marlins, and Nats and no one else but Houston yet this season and its almost MAY. Give me the Cards, Giants, Reds, and Dodgers. I hate all those teams because three or them were division rivals growing up and the other was the team everyone I know rooted for. I have been a Braves fan for twenty years and hope to pass on this love to my son, hopefully they won't be as almighty awful as the teams I grew up rooting for.

That's it until tomorrow or maybe later today, depends on if I get bored at work or get angry and decide to post something tonight.

First Time Out

Yeah, its a blog, so sue me for jumping on the bandwagon a little late. This blog will talk about the second, third, and fourth most important things in my life, politics, sports, and technology. Why not the first, you are asking yourself hopefully? Simple, my wife and future son will pop up on occasion, just not on a regular basis. I'll update every few days, more than likely three to four times a week, work and ammunition provided. Check back later for some more thought and feelings.