Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bad day for sports

The premier baseball writer in America today suffered an aneurysm yesterday and in in good condition after brain surgery. Peter Gammons is an icon in baseball writing. I fear that even if he comes back, he won't be the same physically. Prove me wrong Peter.

In the early part of net coverage of sports Gammons was derided because of his opposition to OPS and that a lot of his information and tips were proven to be false or were broken by someone earlier in the day on a web site. Rather than fade he away, he embraced the statheads to a degree and mined his contacts for better information and made new ones. He also retired from his post as a regular writer in Boston. While he still had a New England bias (not to the degree of the impartial as always Bob Ryan), this freed up up to be more of a commentator on ESPN.

I liked Peter because I am not a stat head. My one fear for this is we a repeat of the late, great Dick Schapp who went into the hospital for heart surgery and passed away not long after. Good luck and God Bless.

Was perusing, one of my favorite sites today and saw where they had a preview of what was to come for MSNBC. Olbermann and Matthews are safe, but what cracked me up was the vitriol that spewed there. The only comments as of this post were from people who hated Olberman. One other guy in obviously misinformed as he said that Matthews= Conservatives are shady. Uh, mule fritters. Matthews is dancing to Jack Welch's tune which is to seem like a DINO and attack the Dems.

Looks like we got our first signs of what kind of court we are going to have with the Supreme Court apparently ignoring the Constitution's own words that said districts must be redrawn after censuses. Until now, states have saved time and money and just done it after the censuses. Now they are going to gerrymander districts after every shift in control of state houses. That's going to be fun.

All for know, out.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The wait is over

The move is now complete, I just have to unpack some boxes and put together a desk. That'll be ineresting to watch, earmuffs any one?

Tyson Pratcher pulled out today and to be honest with you, I forgot he was running. The race seems like it is going to come down to Nikki Tinker and Stevie Ray Cohen. We have seen some interesting moves in this race like a candidate using myspace as his campaign website and another candidate coming out against Unions in the IBEW hall. It's too bad I don't get to hear any calls of white devil for this election, sniff, I'm brushing back a tear.

Hitler, I mean Bush is coming to town and I sticks his foot in it by choosing the Rendevous of all places to eat. I will shout this for you all to hear, THE RENDEVOUS IS NOT MEMPHIS BBQ!!!!!!!! Plus John Vargos sells out by letting him eat there, yeah, he's really a good democrat.

I am going to start a trend for all of you, why should you not vote for herenton for mayor, more to come, 1. Crime rate has skyrocketed under him. I'll have another one tomorrow, yes, I will post tomorrow.

Also, Hillary is reaching out to the netroots so that she can get her campaign going. Newflash Hillary, the netroots hate you. We are not some local pol in Debuque, Iowa you can glad handle and convince to be on your side. You have been transparent in setting yourself up for a run in 2008 since Bill left. Your one saving grace is that you are not a DINO, like Ford.

Out, more later

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who was quoted on

Your favorite and mine, the one guy I read every day, the Rude Pundit. His calling out of Ann Coulter was a front page citation of her plagirism. One of the last bloggers I expected to see on a major mainstream web site.

Kos was on Countdown last night. As Keith wasn't on, I didn't watch, don't like his fill ins, I see on eof them I turn the channel in a heartbeat.

Might have something coming out of the Blogger Bash, more news when it is available.

Lastly, good-bye Super Bowl chances Pittsburgh. I know that Big Ben (like I'll try to spell that off the top of my head) was not seriously injured, but it doesn't bode well. As a long time motorcycle rider, I am a firm advocate of helmet laws. Hell, if it wasn't for the heat, I think full-face ones should be mandatory.

My wife doesn't ride and doesn't believe it is the governement's right to tell us that we have to. While I am against government intervention in most cases, when it comes to public safety I am for it for this reason.

Most of the time when a rider has an accident, he dies pure and simple. Usually this is because of injuries involving body trauma or neck compression. But wearing a helmet can reduce or stop most nonfatal injuries. Wearing proper gear, no shorts, sandals, or flip-flops can prevent skin abrasions that make you look like you just went ten rounds with a cheese grater. Proper footware can prevent distracting small injuries, broken feet when you are thrown, and provide proper balance and traction at stop lights.

I realize I have gone on too long, but remeber this, it is not your life you risk when you don't wear a helmet or other proper gear, you risk your loved ones as well.